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Privacy matters and we understand this. Interphone is committed to protecting your privacy and keeping your personal and financial information safe and ensuring the security and access of your data. To help manage your account and services, you do have the option of enabling others authorisation for your account to act on, or access account information.

Adding someone to act as an authority for your account

The person whose name is on the account is known as the ‘Legal Lessee’ or ‘account holder’. Legally, this person is financially responsible for the account and there can only be one.

However, the account holder may authorise others to access the account and give them authority to act on that account at various levels. The selected level of authority determines their access and the actions they can or cannot take in relation to your account.

As an Interphone account holder, you may want a family member, friend or associate to act on your behalf and, for example:

  • Provide a spouse with access to your account
  • Give your child authority for billing inquiries on your account, or
  • Add a power of attorney to manage an account on your behalf.

Note; the account holder retains full responsibility for the account, and is responsible for the actions of the authority.

If you’re an account holder and you want to add an authority to your account, you can call us on 1300 301 337.

Full Authority

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Has full authority over your account including authority to set up new Interphone services and products on your account, change account details, cancel services and access your Interphone bills
  • Isn’t financially liable for the costs and debts incurred on your account, unless there is some other legal, contractual, or family relationship which states otherwise

Verification of a person acting as an authority

To add an authority to your account, you’ll need to provide us with their full name and date of birth.

It’s important that you ensure these details are correct, as in future, when we need to use them to verify their details and allow them access to your account, the information given must be a match. If we’re unable to verify the full name and date of birth given to us they’ll be unable to take action on the account until the account holder has updated their information.

Levels of authority and actions

Authority Description Actions
Full authority or Third-party authority. With full authority a person can act on your behalf, access personal information on your account and make changes to any monthly plans, add or disconnect Interphone services. The account holder is responsible for actions taken, or contracts entered into by them.


A third-party authority must be a formally determined Power of Attorney, Public Trustee, Administrator or Legal Representative of the account holder and has the same access level as a full authority contact

·         Access full account and service information

·         Add or remove a new service

·         Change a phone number

·         Change technology such as NBN to Fibre

·         Contract or recontract a service

·         Request to move services

·         Increase/decrease data limits

·         Add chargeable products

·         Request technical and billing support

·         Add someone with a lower level of authority

·         View billing, usage, and payment enquiries

·         Reset passwords

·         Report a fault

Limited Authority A limited authority can act on your behalf and access personal information on your account. They can make changes to services including changing the plan, billing enquiries, usage and complaints.


A limited authority cannot add new services but they are able to disconnect existing services. The account holder is responsible for actions taken by someone with limited authority.

·         Disconnect a service

·         Request a service move

·         Request technical support

·         Add someone with a lower level of authority

·         View billing, usage, payment enquiries and decisions

·         Reset passwords

·         Report a fault

Billing Contact A billing contact has access to all billing associated with your account. Bills can be sent to a billing contact and managed by them. ·         View billing and usage enquiries and decisions

·         Make payment enquiries

·         Report a fault

·         Pay a bill

Asset User An asset user is the main user of a specified asset or service such as a fixed line service or data connection on your account. For the specified service an asset user has the same access to personal information and can change the monthly plan, raise a fault, access billing, usage, payment enquiries and complaints. An asset user can disconnect a specified asset. ·         Request technical support

·         Make usage enquiries

·         Reset passwords for the specified service

No authority (an advocate for the account holder) If you don’t have or are yet to have any level of authority on an account there are limits to what you can do which protect the account holder’s privacy and personal information ·         Report a fault

·         Raise a complaint

·         Report an order error

·         Make a payment


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